Ice Desserts

The Clown Sundae


One scoop of your of choice,smarties, marshmallow,waffle cones,sprinkles, whipped cream

Car Sundae


One scoop of ice cream of your choice,whipped cream ,2x raspberries, cola sauce,smarties

Butterfly Sundae


One scoop of ice cream of your choice, whipped cream,4 small sponge cakes, sauce of your own choice,4x slices of apple.

Banana Split


2x triple chocolate ice cream scoop; 1x vanilla ice cream scoop,1 banana, whipped cream,chocolate chips, chocolate sauce

Summer Obsessin


Fanta,watermelon,2x raspberry sorbet scoops or sprite,lime,mango,2x exotic mango sorbet scoops

The After Eight


2x mint chocolate ice cream scoop, 1x triple chocolate scoop,whipped cream, chocolate sauce,chocolate chips, after eight chocolate

The Coconut Raffaello


Whipped cream,white chocolate sauce, 3x coconut scoops,raffaello,white chocolate buttons

The Nutella Dream


Hazelnuts, pecan nuts, caramlised nuts, whipped cream, 1x pistachio scoop, 1x triple chocolate scoop 1x vanilla scoop, Nutella

American Swirl


Delicious American style ice cream in 4 declious flavours: vanilla, chocolate, vanilla-choc and oreo

Scoop Ice Cream


Check our variety of our scoop ice cream! Homemade tasty flavours – see the counter to see the range

Black Forest


Warm cherry jelly, topped with Whippy ice cream and whipped cream With 2x triple chocolate scoops, 1x dark Chocolate scoop, topped off with Amaretto cherries and a glace cherry.

Choc Volcano


Warm chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream, 1x triple chocolate scoop 1x white chocolate scoop and 1x brownie scoop, topped with mini marshmellows and chocolate flakes.

The Oreo Obsession


Whipped cream,crushed oreos, 3x oreo scoops

The Raspberry Rush


Whipped cream,warm raspberry sauce, 5x raspberries,1x vanilla scoop, 2x raspberry sorbet scoops

The Slim Fit


Muesli,greek yoghurt,raspberris, blueberries,blackberries,1x raspberry sorbet

The Strawberry Sensation


Fresh strawberries,whipped cream, 2xstrawberry scoops,1xvanilla scoop, strawberry sauce

The Kiwi Kick


Fresh kiwi slices,whipped cream 3x vanilla scoops,whippy ice cream, Apple sauce,mini meringues